Najveća hrvatska baza restorana i recepata

Rivica, Njivice

Anchovies „Under the lemon“ 42 HRK

Blue fish marinade Scomber (Golčići / Plavići) 42 HRK

 Bonito Carpaccio 49 HRK

 Hake soup 32 HRK

 Steamed Scombers (Golčići / Plavići), Rukola with potatoes 79 HRK

 Squash Gnocchi with Penny Bun shrooms 105 HRK

 Adriatic calamari in porto sauce polenta 135 HRK

 Mackerel with spinach 75 HRK

 Chestnuts and currant 35 HRK

Dried fig cake 25 HRK

Angel wings (kroštuli) 25 HRK

Bracera, Malinska

“Makaruni” pasta with cuttlefish    77 HRK
Risotto with porcini mushrooms    82 HRK
“Brudet” with octopus and squid served with polenta    76 HRK
Octopus under the bell    190 HRK/kg
Sheep curd cake with figs    25 HRK

 Mulino, Malinska
Bruschetta with cheese and pumpkin seed spread    40 HRK
Squid, mushroom, potato and zucchini salad served on bruschetta     55 HRK
Salad with grapes and caramelized pears    45 HRK
Cream of pumpkin soup    25 HRK
Cream of mushroom soup    25 HRK
Tagliatelle with truffle sauce (“tartufata”) and olives    70 HRK
Pumpkin and prosciutto risotto    50 HRK
Homemade “pljukanci” pasta with porcini mushrooms    50 HRK
Chicken skewers with button mushrooms    75 HRK
Pork medallions in mushroom sauce    80 HRK
Breaded hake fillet with a side dish of pumpkin and mushrooms    75 HRK
Mushroom stew with polenta    75 HRK
Homemade dumplings with plums    20 HRK
Chestnut cake    25 HRK
Vanilla ice cream with pumpkin oil    35 HRK

Noštromo, Malinska
Cream of pumpkin soup    20 HRK
Carrot and orange soup     20 HRK
     Homemade pasta on pumpkin cream    65 HRK
Homemade pasta with beef and mushrooms    65 HRK
Squid risotto    65 HRK
Fish stew “brodet” with polenta    65 HRK
    Sirloin steak in truffle sauce    140 HRK
Rump steak with mushrooms    80 HRK
    Adriatic squid    125 HRK
     Chestnut and chocolate mousse    20 HRK
Almond cake    20 HRK

Kući krčkog pršuta Žužić , Vrh
Prosciutto, dried fig and walnut pate    30 HRK
Prosciutto with melon    60 HRK
Bread made with prosciutto     4 HRK
Minestrone with prosciutto and autumn Krk vegetables    35 HRK
Homemade “šurlice” pasta with prosciutto and mushrooms    70 HRK
Homemade “šurlice” pasta with prosciutto and homemade tomato sauce    60 HRK

Marina, Hoteli Krk
Anchovies on bruschetta with local olive oil    50 HRK
“Bodulska” salad in cheese basket with olives    60 HRK
Pumpkin soup    30 HRK
Gratinated sheep cheese    60 HRK
“Šurlice” pasta with forest mushrooms and pancetta    85 HRK
Duck breast with broad bean puree and blueberry sauce    125 HRK
Beef steak tagliatta    130 HRK
Lava cake with ice cream and mint    40 HRK

Volsonis, Krk
Tomato soup made with tomatoes from Volsonis farm    33 HRK
Tagliatelle with organic tomato sauce    66 HRK
Grilled vegetables    62 HRK
Black cuttlefish risotto    85 HRK
Venison stew with “šurlice” pasta     90 HRK
Plum dumplings    45 HRK

Bocoon, Punat
Breaded olives    25 HRK
Pumpkin soup    27 HRK
Octopus salad in olive sauce    80 HRK
Tuna in sesame seeds    105 HRK
Beef steak in mushroom sauce with gnocchi    170 HRK
Pork fillet with apple    95 HRK

Marina - 9 bofora, PUNAT;
“Krk” plate    80 HRK
Sea plate    80 HRK
Omelette with mixed mushrooms    40 HRK
“Šurlice” pasta with scampi and mushrooms    110 HRK
Chestnut cake    35 HRK  

Tartar made of Kvarner scampi and pumpkin emulsion
Homemade pasta with white truffle
“Smokvenjak” (local fig product)
Venison steak in cocoa crust with sautéed pumpkin and pumpkin pudding
Pumpkin oil pudding
Menu: 210.00 HRK

Bag, Baška
Garlic soup    30 HRK
Cream of pumpkin soup with pumpkin oil and pumpkin seeds    30 HRK
Breaded mushrooms (mix of button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, porcini mushrooms)    
60 HRK
Grilled mushrooms (mix of button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, porcini mushrooms)    
60 HRK
Mushroom risotto    80 HRK
Squid risotto    80 HRK
Fillet of Kvarner hake in žlahtina wine with Swiss chard and polenta    90 HRK
Monkfish tail in žlahtina wine with Swiss chard and polenta    115 HRK
Octopus patties     70 HRK
Octopus “sailor’s” style (boiled)    110 HRK
Grilled octopus tentacles with Swiss chard    115 HRK
Bruschettas with octopus    70 HRK

Forza, Baška
Cream of pumpkin soup    27 HRK
Bruschette with porcini mushrooms    48 HRK
Homemade pasta with porcini mushrooms and bacon    75 HRK
Porcini risotto with pork fillet    89 HRK
Rump steak with porcini sauce and pumpkin gnocchi    102 HRK
Pork medallions in creamy pumpkin and sage sauce, croquettes    99 HRK
Pumpkin pancakes with honey and walnuts    26 HRK
Hazelnut semifreddo  with chestnuts and chocolate    24 HRK
Vanilla ice cream with pumpkin seed oil and pumpkin seeds    23 HRK
Pears poached in red wine, vanilla ice-cream     28 HRK

Portić, Baška
Roasted red peppers with garlic in olive oil    30 HRK
Mussels with žlahtina wine “buzzara” style    65 HRK
Squid stuffed with scampi    90 HRK
Suckling pig from the oven    80 HRK
Pizza with porcini mushrooms    80 HRK

Slamni, Klimno
Olive brandy    10 HRK
Octopus salad with figs and tomatoes    65 HRK
Young corn soup    30 HRK
Lamb in pumpkin sauce    135 HRK
Shortbread cake with almonds and fruit    35 HRK
Complete menu    190 HRK